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"Let's do it," has been the statement that has started many a mangled YouTube skateboard viral video and a once-effective Nike ad campaign, but it was also a shrugged shoulder dare that started something that we get more and more proud about every day.


When we opened iTap on a sleepy corner in Chesterfield in 2009 we were simply hoping to make a dent in the beer scene, little did we know that a "what the hell" between friends would help change the beer culture in St. Louis, Missouri and the Midwest.


While we openly admit we didn't invent the beer bar we are hell-bent on perfecting it and work hard every day to bring the best beer-drinking experience to you whether it be with a snifter full of an imperial stout or a lager filled pint in your hand.


In 10 years one store has become five stores with always an eye out for more, but despite the growth, we pride ourselves on being a small family-owned business. Every location has it's own identity, but as always with a keen focus on doing beer better than anyone else.


We've come a long way from a couple of buddies sitting bar side and watching a bartender change a keg...which brought on the "what if we did it?" statement.  As far as we have come we have a longer journey to perfection, thanks for joining us on this trip!




Brad and Sean 


Do you serve food?

Unless you want a turkey sandwich you don’t want us making you food. But feel free to bring in whatever you want to eat, or you can ask a server or bartender for a menu of local restaurants that will deliver.


Will you have my favorite team on T.V.?

No doubt about it! We have the NFL Sunday Ticket, Big 10 Network, SEC Network, etc.  


Do you have anything besides beer?

We have wine, ciders, and gluten-free beers.  


Do you sell to-go beers?

We sell mix-a-six to go at our Soulard and Columbia locations.


Do you sell growlers?

Nope…state law does not allow us to sell growlers.


Can I rent out or hold a private event at iTap?

We would love to host your private event. Shoot us an email and we would more than happy to help set everything up.


Do you take all major credit cards?

Yep…but remember, cash is king. Also, $10 minimum on all credit and debit card purchases. 


Do you brew your own beer?

We leave that to the professionals. Pretty much the same reason we don’t serve food.


Do you have this one beer I had when I was on vacation and was really good?

Probably, but it won’t taste as good since you aren’t sitting on the beach.


Are you pet friendly?

Pets are more than welcome on our patio. We are so friendly that we even have water bowls.


Are you kid friendly?

Depends, will they behave? But yes, kids and those under 21 are welcome until 8pm.


Are you smoke free?

Always have been, always will be.


Are you the best beer bar ever?

You tell us…


I’ve been trying to call your bar, why won’t anyone answer?

Because we are a bar, not a call center. Our staff is probably too busy pouring beer and talking to customers in the bar. Send us an email and we will respond right away.


Will you donate to this charity I am so passionate about?

If it helps fellow humans, there is a really good chance we will help you out. Check out our Kegs for a Cause!

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