Grab a Beer & Flatten the Curve

RE-Open Guidlines

Upon re-open, International Tap House is taking the health and comfort of our employees, industry partners and customers very seriously. We will be following the advice of employees, health and industry experts along with abiding by locally mandated rules and suggestions. Below are some highlights:

  • We are inviting employees who are healthy and comfortable doing so, the opportunity to return to work

  • We do not allow any employee, industry partner, or customer exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 in our facility

  • Wearing protective face coverings is strongly encouraged by all when possible and appropriate

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the bar for both staff and customers to use. iTAP will continue to abide by all local health and safety regulations as set forth by the city

  • No table service available; please order at designated bar area and remain 6 feet away from another customer in line

  • No bar seating/standing available

  • Limited capacity and therefore seating will be available

  •  No rearranging of seats or tables

  • Parties must be 10 people or less

  • A minimum of 6 feet between groups and employees must be maintained. It is also encouraged to keep a 6-foot distance when moving throughout the bar; if this cannot be achieved, please wear your protective face coverings

  • Credit cards are strongly encouraged

  • “Clean pens” and “Dirty pens” will be designated upon checkout

  •  No lingering at bar while deciding on your order

  • Smoking only allowed in designated outdoor areas; 6-foot rule is still encouraged

  • All drinks will be served in single-use plastic cups and/or offered in bottle or can. Cocktails will currently be un-garnished. Single-use straws available upon request.

  • No menus will be available; find out what is pouring online or ask for suggestions

  • No samples permitted

  • Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing will be done, including but not limited to after each guest leaves an area as well as high traffic surfaces

  • Single-use gloves and towels will be used when necessary

  • Single-use paper products will be used for cleaning

  • Squirt bottles will be used to clean off sides of cups in lieu of multi-use towels

  • Continued regular cleaning and sanitizing of draft systems by both iTAP as well as draft technicians

  • Please come prepared: bring your own pen and hand sanitizer if possible


We will continue to update and adjust our procedures as needed.

As always, International Tap House has the right and responsibility to ask any guest who is putting the health and/or safety of our employees or customers at risk to leave.


Buy Online

We offer beer "to-go" at our Soulard, Columbia, Kansas City, and Louisville locations. Until every location is open and you feel comfortable visiting us again, this allows us to keep as many of our employees working for as long as possible. Please visit us on your next beer run and remember, we also sell wine, whiskey, canned cocktails, ciders, and gluten-reduced products. And don't forget we have an online store for gift cards and other merch and a newly launched  beer store for our  St. Louis, KC, Columbia  and Louisville locations for pickup orders!

Monday-Thursday: 3pm To 6PM 

Friday-Sunday: 12pm To 6PM 

Order & pay in advance via our online Soulard beer store 

Monday-Thursday: 3pm To PM

Friday-Sunday: 12pm To 7PM 

Order & pay in advance via our online Columbia beer store 

Everyday: 3pm To 6PM

Order & pay in advance via our online Crossroads beer store


Monday-Friday: 3pm To 7PM 

Saturday-Sunday: 1pm to 5pm

Order & pay in advance via our online NULU beer store


Frontline Forward

A beer certainly doesn't express the gratitude all of the frontline workers deserves, but you know they certainly need one! We are excited to announce our "Frontline Forward" beer drive for all of the essential workers. Once we re-open we will have the opportunity for frontline workers to grab a donated draft beer from the "beer bank" as a small Thank You from their community. To donate a beer (or many!) search "Frontline Forward" at any of the beer stores St. Louis | KC | Columbia | Louisville


Supply Drives 

It is especially hard for our neighbors in need to find resources during this pandemic. Help us collect some non-perishables for our area food banks and receive 10% off of  your bill. If you place an order online, the discount will be credited when you pick-up your beer and drop off your donation. Chances are, you probably  overdid it when you stocked up at the store before the stay home orders kicked in anyway. 

We are proud to be supporting the following organizations. Click their links for a list of "most needed" items. 

St. Louis: St. Louis Area Foodbank

Columbia: The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri

*The Food Bank has requested peanut butter & other canned proteins 

Kansas City: Harvesters  Community Food Network 

Louisville: The Food Pantry 
*The food pantry has requested toiletries & non perishables with pop-tops